What are the Most Popular Home Styles in Metro Denver?

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What are the Most Popular Home Styles in Metro Denver?

When you visualize your dream home, what do you see? Is it modern and sleek, a cozy bungalow or a statelier Victorian abode? Do you want a split level, two stories, or do you want to keep it all on one main level? When it comes to metro Denver architecture, the possibilities are as unique as your personal vision.

Maybe you don’t have anything in mind yet and are looking for some inspiration. We will show you the best that Denver has to offer; and following are the top five most popular home styles in the metro area.

The Bungalow, a Denver staple: Is there a style of home more iconic and American than the bungalow? And in Denver you can easily find this style as they are arguably one of the most popular. Their popularity is for good reason too. Typically, one story, these smaller homes feel cozy all year round with their wood trim and pitched roofs. Plus, the large, covered front porch is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, rain or shine. The open floor plan makes the most of the modest space. Most only offer one bath if they haven’t been renovated, so you may need to remodel a bit.

Victorian, high-class sophistication: Victorian homes has their architectural heyday between 1830 and 1910, but the style still looks classic today. While there are several different kinds of Victorian houses, there are some typical identifying features. Generally, on the larger side, Victorian homes tend to be two or even three stories. Bright colors and decorative trim give them a unique appearance, both whimsical and sophisticated. Plus, the wraparound porches add a good deal of outdoor space. People appreciate the exterior vintage appeal but have added to the interior charm with tasteful 21st century updates.

Denver Square, uniquely Denver: The Denver Square or Foursquare is a classic architectural style that became popular following the Victorian style, replacing the occasional impracticality of Victorian homes with a simple efficiency. Much as the name suggests, these two or two-and-a-half story homes are square-shaped, with the width matching the height. Inside, the floors are divided into quarters, giving the entire house a symmetrical and well-ordered feeling. Their simple floor plans also make them well-suited it updating and remodeling, so if you’ve got a particular vision in mind for your home, a Denver Square could be your perfect canvas.

Colonial Revival: Colonial style homes draw their inspiration from America’s founding fathers, though the homes themselves were most popular in the 40 years leading up to the Great Depression. Designed to be formal but not pretentious or imposing, Colonial Revival style homes reflect quiet order. Generally symmetrical or square, these homes usually have evenly spaced windows, and the front door is dead center in the front of the home. Often two or three stories, the most dramatic and noticeable element of Colonial Revival architecture is the use of columns, giving the homes a slightly classical appearance.

A Tudor Fairytale: Tudor style homes ooze classic storybook charm. With their asymmetrical shape, steep roof and decorative half-timbering over brick or white stucco, Tudor style homes have the charm of a small cottage, though the homes themselves are often sizable. They have a vaguely Medieval appearance reminiscent of Cinderella, though the Tudor homes in Denver date to the beginning of the 20th century. Tudor homes work well in Denver since their roofs are well adapted to the snow and rain. And the beautiful chimneys characteristic of Tudor homes practically begs for a cozy fire on winter evenings.

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