Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Even though it’s February, it is not too early to thank about what you need to do around your home when spring and summer arrive. Summer is the perfect season to unwind, but before you hop into your hammock, there’s some routine home maintenance items that need your attention.

Once you’ve worked your way down this checklist, then it’s time to kick your summer relaxation time into full gear.

Clean your air conditioner filter. You had your system tuned up in the spring, so it will be ready to go for the summer. But, to keep things running smoothly, you should still check and clean your filter at least twice a month.

Prepare your grill. Cleaning your grates, airing it out and making sure it’s working properly will help you avoid disappointment when you fire it up for the first hot dogs and burgers of the summer.

Control bugs and mosquitoes. Removing stagnant, pooled water and using natural solutions to keep bugs and mosquitoes from bothering you while you’re outside will make for a much more enjoyable summer for you and your family.

Check windows for leaks. Re-caulk seals on doors and windows, which will help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Clean out gutters and downspouts. Summer storms and high winds can deposit debris in your gutters. Even though this is generally considered a job for spring and fall, summer is recommended.

Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Without some maintenance, clogged lint and dust in your dryer vents could cause a house fire.

Inspect fencing. Reinforce, re-stain, reseal or repaint as needed.

Refill cracks on cement walkway and driveway. Concrete is strong, but it can be easily damaged by standing water and freezing water that seeps in through the cracks.

Summer’s mild weather means it’s also the ideal season to take on the following projects: Replace old windows or front doors, replace your roof, replace a chimney cap, refinish flooring, and service your snow before fall comes around.